Why i love football essay

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Short essay on my favorite sport football 

Everyone likes to play. I am also interested in sports và games. The name of my favorite sport is football. It is a comtháng & popular game in India. 

The game is played between two teams of eleven players on each side. I play it with my friover in the afternoon. 

I play it regularly. This is my favorite game because it is a game full of thrill và excitement for both players & spectators a game full of excitement và excitement.

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 Essay on my favorite sport football 

I play lots of games lượt thích cricket, hockey, badminton, volleyball, football, tennis, etc. But my favorite game is football. It is an outdoor game. 

It is played between two teams. Each team has 11 players, there is one referee. The football game is played for 90 minutes in two phases. The players of both teams always try lớn score a goal.

The keepers of both their names try their best khổng lồ sue. It is a dynamic game. All the players of both teams are always very active. I played football in high school and with my neighborhood friends.

Thus, this game creates a lot of excitement. It makes me happy. I feel pleased lớn play football, I lượt thích lớn play football.

Short essay on my favorite sport football 

There are more important things in life than winning or losing a game different people lượt thích different games some like cricket kabaddi, and others lượt thích table tennis, etc.

I make footballs it is my favorite game it's an outdoor game it's quite challenging và interesting to lớn hlặng it is played between two teams in an open space it is also known as the Kingsoports and as the most famous sport in the entire world 

Each football team has 11 players one referee & two linesmen direct the match the shape of the field is rectangular, 

Every player is always active all the spectators enjoy the match for a very short time all the players always try lớn score goals all the goalkeepers try their best khổng lồ save the goal, everyone gets a lot of physical exercise through the game so I conclude my word by saying that football is my favorite game.

Essay on my favorite sport football 150 words

I like football more than all sports I play football with my friends in my school there is a big playground in our school the school provides the sports materials used in the game our teachers help us in playing football 

Our teachers also tell us the advantage of playing football there is a period for sports in our school every day in this period we play different sports every day, someday play cricket sometimes badminton skating basketball, etc. but I like football day most 

Our body toàn thân stays healthy and agile by playing football not only football but other sports also keeps our body và brain healthy, football or other outdoor sports increases immunity in our body 

Football is a very popular sport played internationally many countries take part in this competition in FIFA world cup, lionel Messi mê, Cristiano Ronalvì chưng, Taithông thường Bhutia all these famous players have sầu been my ideal

This game started in chimãng cầu và spread throughout the world football is also known as soccer, there are two teams in this game each team has 11 players the game is of 90 minutes played in two parts of 50 minutes each

The game consists of a circular ball of approximately 70 centimeters made of leather players try to lớn put this ball in the goal post of another team the team that scores more goal wins the match 

Essay on my favorite sport football in 200 words

 A hobby is a pastime pleasure that keeps you engaged focused and happy all the way a hobby is born out of sheer interest and aptitude of human nature inkhổng lồ some sort of skill & activity, my favorite hobby is playing football, football is an outdoor game which is most popular in the world

The name football is a combination of two words foot và ball where players run và kiông chồng a big ball from their foot, football is played between two teams & each team has 11 players in it và one of the players is a goalkeeper there is a goalpost constructed at both ends of a big ground where a big net is tired with that goalpost

Each team competes with an opposing team can try to lớn kichồng the ball into the opponent’s goal post which is called a goal the goalkeeper stands in front of their team's goalpost in order to lớn prevent the ball from entering their goal post lớn save a goal và there is a referee in a football game who judges the goal scored by a player và also ensures that the game is played honestly. 

The game of football is of 90 minutes with two sessions of 45 minutes each with a break of 10 minutes in case of no goal or equal goals extra time of 30 minutes và finally, penalty shootout of five sầu attempts is given to lớn each team, playing football is a good exercise which is very beneficial for health that's why this game is played in almost every school & college.

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International Authority FIFA is the caretaker of football as a game worldwide football matches are played worldwide & the highest tournament is World Cup which is played every four years 21 World Cup tournaments have been played till 2018 with Brazil winning five sầu times followed by Germany and Italy winning four times each.

football is a great game & along with the world, it is also very popular in India the game is only of 90 minutes but it gives all the excitement right from scoring goals to defending own goals.

Essay on my favorite sport football 250 words 

I play many games, but football is my favorite game. It is the most popular game in the world & it is played in over 200 countries. Football is also called soccer in a few countries like the USA, it is an outdoor & team sport. It is played between two teams và each team has eleven players.

Football is played on a rectangular field, generally called a pitch with a goalpost. At each end, it is played with the spherical ball by kicking with afoot.

Hence the name football players cannot touch the ball with their hands or arms during the play, however, the goalkeeper can use his hands khổng lồ piông xã the ball within the penalty area. Both the teams try to kiông xã the ball inkhổng lồ the opposite team’s goal post khổng lồ earn a point, which is called a goal.

The team, which scores more goals, wins the match. A football match is played for 90 minutes, divided inkhổng lồ two equal halves of forty-five minutes. 

FIFA World Cup is the most prestigious football tournament in the world. Pele, Maradomãng cầu, Ronalbởi, & David Beckmê man are a few of the legends of football.

Bhaithông thường Bhutia, I.m.vijiyan, Shabbier Ali, Climax Lawrence, and Sunil Chhetri are some of the popular Indian footballers, in recent years. 

Football is getting popular in India Also, the Indian Super League (ISL)is the Football League of India. Football is a game of mental and physical strength và a good source of entertainment. 

Essay on my favorite sport football 300 words 

Games have sầu special importance in everyone's life. My favorite Game is football because playing football not only entertains us but also keeps our health good. Playing this game gives full exercise to all parts of our body toàn thân. Football is one of the most entertaining sports in the world, which everyone loves lớn play. 

I always play this game with my friends. I play football both morning and evening. I like playing this game the most in the winter season. The goal of my life is lớn become a successful footballer.

I want to lớn be a footballer lượt thích Cristiano Ronaldo. He is also my favorite player. I get inspiration from hlặng lớn be a good footballer. 

Football is a sport played on a large field. It is a sport played by hitting a ball with the foot. No player can touch the ball with his hvà. This game is played by two teams. There are 11-11 players on both teams. A total of 22 players play this game together. 

The main objective sầu of this game is to score maximum goals for both teams. The team that scores maximum goals is called the winner & the team with fewer goals becomes the losing team. I like this game because our toàn thân gets agile with this game. I also play this game with my friends on my school grounds. I am always fresh and active sầu when I play football.

This sport provides many benefits for physical và mental health. This game makes a person more disciplined, calm, và punctual. So this game is my favorite game.