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(from left to lớn right) Scott Vener, Rich Chigga and Pharrell Williams. (

Jakarta-born rap star Brian Immanuel, whose stage name is Rich Chigga, said in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine that his decision lớn relocate khổng lồ Los Angeles was driven by his family's fear of possible anti-Chinese riots, which could have feasibly erupted during the campaign lớn prosexinh tươi former Jakarta governor Basuki Tjahaja "Ahok" Purnama.

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In May this year, the North Jakarta District Court sentenced Ahok to two years in prison for blasphemy.

"There are riots & stuff. Recently, people have sầu been getting shot more often. It's pretty scary." Immanuel said in the interview, published on Wednesday.

Immanuel, whose rise khổng lồ fame was propelled by YouTube-oriented singles lượt thích "Living the Dream," and "Dat $tick", said that with the continuing violence, his parents were making efforts khổng lồ move sầu out of the country's capital lớn Bali. They have sầu also encouraged their son khổng lồ extkết thúc his stay in the United States.The 17-year-old said he had no plans to lớn return to Indonesiaanytime soon.

"I love this place," he says.

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"I've always wanted lớn move sầu out here," he said.

Immanuel said he would spkết thúc his time in Los Angeles working on his debut album while continuing khổng lồ work on a number of film & comedy projects, following in the footsteps of his idol, rapper Donald Glover, also known as Childish Gambino.

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Two tracks from Immanuel, và especially "Dat $tick", have won praise from a number of hip-hop legends, including Ghostface Kilah, formerly of Thành Phố New York rap collective sầu Wu Tang Clan.

The video clip for "Dat $tichồng," which was self-directed, has garnered upwards of 54 million views since it was posted in February 2016.

Editor's Note:

Rich Chigga"s tweet July 20 (Twitter/File)

In response to lớn Brian Immanuel’s tweet regarding this article, what we wrote was "The 17-year-old said he had no plans to return lớn Indonesiaanytime soon." The sentence does not indicate permanent relocation. We are still trying khổng lồ reach hlặng for further clarifications.

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