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The powder and the views in Ski City are unparalleled, but don't miss out on the urban gem that is Salternative text Lake. With 9 ski resorts within an hour of Salt Lake, you have time to lớn check out the best breakfast spots, ski all day, và have sầu plenty of time after last chair khổng lồ explore the city. Whether you're here lớn shred or you've got kids in tow, there's something for everyone in Ski City.

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1. Off-Day Entertainment

Maybe you have a new skier in your group who’d appreciate a day off the mountain, or maybe you just want to make the most of the opportunity lớn ski 10,000 ft peaks one day and explore art galleries & museums the next. Where else can you bởi that? Other options for off-day fun: checking out Ski City’s Olympic venues, gift-shopping for friends and family who are missing out on an epic vacation, và sightseeing around Temple Square—the spectacular holiday lights aren’t khổng lồ be missed.

2. $$$

The holidays are a popular time khổng lồ travel for ski trips, và resort lodges, chalets, và on-mountain condos fill up quickly. If you're able to secure a place to stay on the mountain during these times, you might be paying a pretty penny. Factor in ski passes, gear rentals, và all those après burgers, & saving some scratch on lodging might be a wise move sầu, especially if you’re traveling on a budget.

3. Getting to lớn và from the Mountain is Insanely Easy

It’s a short drive or ski-bus ride from the thành phố lớn the resorts. That means you can wake up in your khách sạn room at 8, have sầu a nice, leisurely breakfast to fuel up for the day, và be skiing the glades by 10. After last chair, you can be back at your hotel with plenty of time for a shower, a movie, dinner, and drinks.  

4. Speaking of Drinks...

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While the après scene at Snowbird can’t be replicated, the nightlife in downtown Salt Lake is a completely different kind of fun. There’s celebrity-owned Beer Bar and Bar X; Brewvies Cinema Pub, where you can watch a fliông xã và drink a pitcher; the four-story Hotel Bar và Nightclub; và the classy & timeless Copper Canyon. And that’s not even delving into lớn the award-winning breweries, which include Squatters, Red Roông xã, and Bohemian. Ski City’s urban après options are numerous and diverse, and always a quiông chồng Trax, taxi, Uber, or pedi-cab ride from your hotel.

5. It's a Party in Your Mouth

On-mountain dining won’t disappoint—reserve sầu a table at Alta’s Rustler Lodge or a seven-course meal at Solitude’s Mongolian Yurt and you’ll agree. But Salt Lake has been raking in praise from the foodiesphere, thanks to lớn establishments like Log Haven, Current Fish và Oyster, Red Iguana, Mazza, Takashi, and Oh Mai. You’re robbing your taste buds of a chance to lớn dance if you don’t sample the city’s creative sầu and delicious fare.

6. It's a Good Way khổng lồ Acclimate

If you live sầu below 3,000 feet, Ski City's elevation might take a toll on you physically. One of the best ways to prepare your toàn thân for the altitude is khổng lồ stay a night in the Salt Lake Valley before heading up lớn the resorts. Many ski trippers, especially those who are prone to lớn altitude sickness, like to lớn book their entire stay in the city in order khổng lồ give their bodies nightly access to more oxygenated air.

7. Sports

After blasting your quads all day on the slopes, why not sit baông xã and watch someone else persize feats of athleticism? Grab some tickets khổng lồ see the Utah Jazz, who play right downtown at the Vivint Smart trang chủ Arena & whose season is shaping up to be pretty exciting. (If your trang chính team is visiting, you can root for them, but otherwise, you’re obligated to root for the Jazz.)

8. Performing Arts

If professional sports aren’t your thing, there are world-class ballet, opera, Broadway, and symphony performances happening at Capitol Theatre and Abravanel Hall throughout the ski season. For more intimate settings & avant-garde performances, check out plays, modern dance, & more at The Rose Wagner Theater, Pioneer Theater, or Salternative text Lake Acting Company. ArtTix is your go-lớn for tickets và info.

9. Ear Candy

Salt Lake has a prolific local music scene (believe sầu it or not, the pioneers bred some punks) and also hosts a steady stream of the best touring acts khổng lồ hit the road. Check The Depot for bigger shows, Urban Lounge for indie, electronic, punk, metal, and hip hop, and The State Room for talented artists, excellent sound, và a more sophisticated setting. Odds are you won't want to lớn head baông xã up the canyon after an evening of heady psych rock or rowdy bluegrass, so plan a night at a downtown khách sạn for maximum crashability. 

10. Your Kids Will Love sầu You

Hopefully they already bởi vì … but sometimes it’s hard to tell. Odds are your kids enjoy skiing, và there’s tons of fun stuff to vì around the resorts, but if you have a longer, more varied trip in mind, you’d be a questionable parent if you didn’t treat the young minds in your crew to lớn the Living Planet Aquarium, the Museum of Natural Curiosity at Thanksgiving Point, or the science-meets-art exhibits at The Leonarbởi vì. Staying in the city means you can easily kiểm tra out multiple kid-friendly attractions and events in a single day.