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• Estimated cost savings of up to 40%• Virtual sever production time reduced substantially, using only one-third of the time it used to• Enable availability, robust security, cloud-lượt thích fexibility and scalability for mission-critical system• Long lead time for installation of legacy server due lớn lengthy approval process• Intuitive interface brings forth operational e ciency & upskill MSA internal staff


evolutsionataizmama.com Enterprise Cloud OSevolutsionataizmama.com NX Series


• Mission-critical system used for insurance thiết kế, new contract application & signing and contract management • Điện thoại tư vấn center tư vấn systems including received điện thoại tư vấn record • Data warehouse (DWH) supporting end user computing (EUC), tải về system • Sales tư vấn


In preparation lớn nâng cấp their mission-critical system và Call center system in the next few years, Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Aioi Life Insurance embarked on refreshing their datacenter infrastructure by partnering with evolutsionataizmama.com & incorporating hyperconvergence infrastructure. The decision has paid off in terms of delivering resilience, robustness và scalability for the organisation, not to lớn mention huge cost-savings as well.

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Cloud adoption is inevitable in the future, as we are facing di culties in hiring infrastructure & operations personnel. Having a certain on-premise system is key to lớn sustain the technical cấp độ of the company và evolutsionataizmama.com is the most suitable for this.” “Cloud adoption is inevitable in the future, as we are facing di culties in hiring infrastructure and operations personnel. Having a certain on-premise system is key lớn sustain the technical cấp độ of the company và evolutsionataizmama.com is the most suitable for this.

Tatsuo Kawasaki, Group Manager of MSA Platsize Operation Group, The Second Life Insurance Systems Dept., MS&AD Systems


Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Aioi Life Insurance Co., Ltd. is a key life insurance company of the MS&AD1 Insurance Group. Under the motto lớn of “a life insurance company that supports healthy and secure living,” the company develops và provides various products & services khổng lồ meet a diverse phối of customer needs.After an internal IT nhận xét, MSA insurance made the decision khổng lồ update the entire platsize before its maintenance contract expires in a few years. This tăng cấp was a great opportunity for the IT team to lớn address key legacy issues related lớn resource management such as:• Difficulty in managing effective sầu ROI with high CAPEX investment every 5 - 6 years for approximately 100 hardware và systems refresh for its current physical environment. Resource expansion is also constrained by CPU, memory, & storage compatibility issues.• 3-tier system would have sầu taken at least several months to lớn phối up• A life-insurance mission-critical system for the management of sensitive sầu personal information required very high confidentiality & availability


Yasuhisa Nitta of MS&AD Systems, the main systems company within the MS&AD Insurance Group và the team responsible for the infrastructure of the company’s life insurance system selected evolutsionataizmama.com Enterprise Cloud. “With evolutsionataizmama.com, it would be possible to level off costs without large one-time expenditures spent on system upgrades every five sầu - six years. In addition, lead time required for deployment can be significantly reduced. Both of these benefits are highly important to lớn the team,” said Nitta.As MSA had some prior experience with evolutsionataizmama.com for the company’s information system, it was not surprising that the company led lớn the selection of evolutsionataizmama.com Enterprise Cloud as the platsize for mission-critical system.In preparation for a platsize upgrade of mission-critical system and call center system planned between 20trăng tròn - 2021, evolutsionataizmama.com will be deployed on 2 clusters of 5 nodes each in the Kanlớn area for a total 10 nodes, with asynchronous replication using evolutsionataizmama.com NearSync providing redundancy. In addition, there are plans to lớn operate one cluster in a disaster recovery site in the Kankhông nên area as a separate backup environment. Furthermore, a total of 6 nodes are being mix aside for thử nghiệm & development environment, bringing the total to lớn 21 nodes in operation.Scheduled to be run is a mission-critical system essential khổng lồ insurance operations that provides functions including for sales tư vấn, which creates sales illustration, as well as new policies, policy modifications, sản phẩm information and payment receipt, insurance payouts, actuarial statistics, accounting và agents. The download server of information system will initially have three nodes with two nodes added the following year, & the plan is for the system khổng lồ be expanded inlớn an integrated platsize that also contains other systems for future.


Estimated cost savings of up to lớn 40% With simplified procedures & faster turnaround times, the company has already successfully reduced overall infrastructure costs by about 40%. This figure takes inlớn account the reduction of datacenter footprint by at least half its original hệ thống raông xã space và cost savings in energy utilities bills.Virtual máy chủ production time reduced substantially, using only one-third of the time it used khổng lồ Nitta recounted his experience visiting several evolutsionataizmama.com user companies khổng lồ ask for details regarding their system deployment & was pleased to hear extremely positive sầu feedbaông xã on stability, flexibility & scalability. “The fact that evolutsionataizmama.com has an established proven traông xã record in the local public organizations và financial institutions helped lớn fast-traông chồng the approval process from our company managers,” Nitta said. And with the evolutsionataizmama.com system being well-designed for simplicity in cài đặt & deployment, the team found that they have sầu been able lớn reduce production lead time by about one thirds.Enable availability, robust security, cloud-like flexibility & scalability for mission-critical system MSA’s mission-critical system requires high availability và robust security as the company handles consumer’s financial information & sensitive information according to lớn Japan’s act on the Protection of Personal Information. “evolutsionataizmama.com’s high stability and cloud-like flexibility and scalability allow us lớn meet system requirement in on-premise environment,” said Nitta.The team also valued the flexibility in being able lớn spin up and deploy new resources quickly for the business. “We successfully deployed a điện thoại tư vấn center system for agents within several months when we linked an on-premise IPhường. phone platkhung to the cloud and all this was possible thanks lớn the flexibility of evolutsionataizmama.com,” said Nitta.With evolutsionataizmama.com’s high performance và agility, MSA is empowered khổng lồ launch their digitalization project that involves using AI and voice recognition on customer calls khổng lồ conduct text mining và create FAQs for its call centers.Tatsuo Kawasaki, Group Manager of the MSA Platsize Operation Group in The Second Life Insurance Systems Dept. recalls several times when his team was asked lớn mix up platforms at top tốc độ. “evolutsionataizmama.com has been useful when we must quickly allocate hệ thống resources & set up a test environment prior to start of operations,” Kawasaki said.Intuitive sầu interface brings forth operational efficiency và upskill MSA internal staff Although staff of MSA is not operating and managing the VPS system, they are con dent in being self- sufficient with evolutsionataizmama.com. “We are able to use Prism which allows us lớn confirm if something comes up, so there is no question that operation is that simple for the team,” said Keisuke Futagamày, Planner of the MSA Platform Operations Group. “It is a big deal khổng lồ us that by simply using Prism, we can make a clear judgment as to lớn whether additional nodes are necessary, or whether resources are being appropriately secured,” said Nitta.“A complex platform means we must rely on people with high-level expertise or external maintenance services to lớn run the operations. But with evolutsionataizmama.com, operation is intuitive sầu & simplified và so everyone can learn the skills required quickly,” said Kawasaki. As the VPS platsize transits to evolutsionataizmama.com, “we hope that this will lead to an improvement in the operational efficiency & productivity,” he added.

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For the future, the company is looking at the possibility of integrating other department systems, such as revenue analysis that is currently not running on evolutsionataizmama.com as it does not fall directly under the management of the system department.Meanwhile, as digitalization accelerates, it is expected that the number of new systems including IoT will increase. “Going forward, we see ourselves adding new system & applications onto the evolutsionataizmama.com platkhung. We will also be keeping our options open with regards khổng lồ cloud services, & we are sure that we can leverage evolutsionataizmama.com for a good unified experience,” said Kawasaki2.

1 As a group IT company, MS&AD Systems Co., Ltd.’s MSA Platsize Operation Group of the Second Life Insurance Systems Department is in charge of development & operation of Mitsui Sumitomo Aioi Life Insurance Co., Ltd.’s infrastructure.  2Case study developed as of Aug 2019.