I learn smart start grade 12345


i-Learn Smart Start is an English supplementary program for the mainstream program from the Ministry of Education và Training. It includes the online lectures khổng lồ tư vấn teachers khổng lồ teach four English basic skills for primary students. It also combines the advantages of traditional teaching methods & modern technology in order khổng lồ give students the opportunity khổng lồ learn English in a friendly and active environment.

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With the duration of 35 minutes for each lesson with plenty of songs, students will be engaged in a lively và active class which helps them develop various suitable skills.

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In addition to lớn classroom hours, students can consolidate their knowledge through online exercises which they are given an trương mục lớn log in, & practice along with their workbook


i-Learn Smart Start is an Online Interactive English Program with 5 levels. It is designed for Cambodian primary students by the local experts và international authors.

i-Learn Smart Start is developed on the information giải pháp công nghệ foundation with integrated functions, including:

Digital lesson plans for teachers to lớn use with the interactive whiteboard in the classroomOnline exercises and games to help students consolidate their knowledge at homeLearning Management System (LMS) to lớn help teachers, schools and parents khổng lồ monitor the progress và results of students’ learning process



i-Learn Smart Start Program is a 5-màn chơi course designed for elementary students.

i-Learn Smart Start English Program helps students:

Be confident in using EnglishDevelop 4 skills: Listening – Speaking – Reading – WritingPractice pronunciationDevelop teamwork skillsAchieve sầu good results with Cambridge Young Learners English Tests: Starters, Movers, Flyers


Activity BookHOA (trang chính online activities)LMS (Learning Management System)Standard classrooms và teaching equipmentInteractive Trắng board: using infrared sensor technology, high sensitivity, multi-touching supportThe projector: high brightness, short focal distance và reputable brandsControl cabinets: the integrated solution for modern classrooms including computer, screen, và sound systemHigh tốc độ mạng internet connectionStandards for classrooms: decorated in i-Learn Smart Start theme in order khổng lồ create a lively và playful learning environmentProgram’s chất lượng guarantee PoliciesTeacher quality PolicyStudent’s learning improvement unique PolicyEquipment quality Policy