World record for colombia

December 14, 2021

World Record for Colombia – Day 8 at the 2021 World Championships and Commonwealth Championships

On the 8th day of competition of the 2021 World Championships và Commonwealth Championships the program continued with the Men 96kg & Women 76kilogam categories.

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Men 96kg Category

The category featured all medallist of Tokyo in M96kg. Fares Ibrahlặng E.H. Elbakh (QAT) & Keydomar Giovanni Vallenilla Sanchez (VEN) competed in Group A, while Anton Pliesnoi (GEO) competed in Group B.

In Snatch, Tokyo 20đôi mươi Olympic Games Silver medalcác mục, Keydomar Giovanni Vallenilla Sanchez (VEN) went 3 from 3 & with 172-175-177kg won the Bronze medal. Boady Robert Santavy (CAN) who placed 5th at this summer’s Olympics took Silver with his successful third attempt of 178kg. When all the other athletes finished, came Lesman Paredes Montano (COL) with his first attempt of 180kilogam. He did a good lift & the crowd was waiting what his next attempt will be as the Snatch World Record phối at 186kilogam. With his team they decided not khổng lồ wait & vì another lift below the world record & went khổng lồ break it right away on his second attempt. The weight sat at 187kilogam. The pressure was high but with an impressive lift he became the new World Record Holder of Snatch in M96kilogam with 187kg and furthermore won Gold.

Lesman Montano Paredes (COL) after his new Snatch World Record of 187kg in M96kg

In Clean&Jerk, Fares Ibrahim E.H. Elbakh (QAT) proved to lớn be the strongest with his second attempt of 222kilogam and won Gold. Artyom Antropov (KAZ) clinched Silver with 221kg and Keydomar Giovanni Vallenilla Sanchez (VEN) won Bronze with 214kg.

In Total, Lesman Paredes Montano (COL) finished at first place with 400kilogam, Tokyo 20đôi mươi Gold medallist, Fares Ibrahyên ổn E. H. Elbakh (QAT) won Silver with 394kilogam & Tokyo 20trăng tròn Silver medalcác mục, Keydomar Giovanni Vallenilla Sanchez (VEN) finished the podium with 391kilogam.

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Men 96kilogam Podium

Commonwealth Championships

Boady Robert Santavy won the Commonwealth Championships in Men 96kilogam category with 379kilogam and directly qualified for the 2022 Commonwealth Games. Antonis Martasidis (CYP) won Silver with 343kilogam & Vikas Thakur (IND) clinched the Bronze medal with 339kilogam.

Commonwealth Championships Men 96kg Podium

Women 76kg Category

The day finished with the Women 76kg category. 

In Snatch, the 2021 Junior World Champion, Iamãng cầu Sotieva (RWF) won Gold with a successful second attempt of 112kilogam. She lifted the same weight at this years European Championships were she placed 2nd. Silver went to lớn Laura Nascimento Amaro (BRA) who went 3 from 3 without a mistake and lifted 108kg as her best attempt. Martha Ann Rogers (USA), Tokyo 2020 Olympian in W87kg finished the podium with her second attempt of 107kg. 

In Clean&Jerk Min Ji Lee finished first place with a third attempt of 139kg. Her teammate tried to lớn lift 140kg to clinch first place but after her first good lift of 134kg, she didn’t manage a successful lift & therefore won the Bronze medal. The last medal went to lớn Mattie Rogers who placed second with her third attempt of 136kilogam.

Total podium was as follows: Min Ji Lee (KOR) won Gold with 244kg, Mattie Rogers (USA) placed second with 243kilogam & Bronze went khổng lồ Iamãng cầu Sotieva (RWF) with 242kg.

Women 76kg Podium

Commonwealth Championships

In the Women 76kilogam category the Gold went lớn Maya Celeste Laylor (CAN) with the Total of 229kilogam and therefore directly qualified for next year’s Commonwealth Games. Punam giới Yadav (IND) won Silver with 220kilogam và her teammate Arockiya Alish Ramasundara Pandi finished the podium with the Total of 214kg.

Commonwealth Championships Women 76kg Podium sầu Galvan
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