Các bài tập về câu bị động


Câu thụ động (Passive voice) là một trong giữa những cấu trúc cơ bạn dạng không thể bỏ lỡ nếu như khách hàng đang trong hành trình đoạt được những đỉnh điểm bắt đầu vào TOEIC / IELTS / giờ đồng hồ Anh. Để hiểu rõ bí quyết thực hiện của câu thụ động các bạn cần thực hành thực tế làm những bài bác tập. Trong bài viết này evolutsionataizmama.com đang cung cấp mang lại chúng ta tổng thích hợp những bài bác tập câu bị động từ cơ bạn dạng mang đến cải thiện và giải đáp cụ thể sống cuối bài xích.

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I. Lý tmáu về câu thụ động

1. Định nghĩa câu thụ động

Câu bị động(Passive Voice) là câu mà nhà ngữ là người tốt đồ chịu ảnh hưởng tác động của hành vi, được sử dụng để nhấn mạnh đến đối tượng người dùng Chịu đựng tác động của hành động kia. Thì của câu thụ động đề xuất tuân theo thì của câu dữ thế chủ động.

các bài tập luyện câu tiêu cực

The first diagram (1-illustrate)____________the process of cement manufacture, & the second diagram (2-show)_____________ the materials that go into the production of concrete.

It is clear that there are five stages in the production of cement, beginning with the input of raw materials & ending with bags of the finished hàng hóa. To produce concrete, four different materials (3-mix)______________ together.

At the first stage in the production of cement, limestone & clay (4-crush)____________ to size a powder. This powder then (5-mix)______________ before it passes inlớn a rotating heater. After heating, the resulting mixture (6-grind)_______________, và cement (7-produce)______________. Finally, the cement (8-package)_______________in large bags.

Cement is one of the four raw materials that (9-use)_______________ in the production of concrete, along with gravel, sand and water. To be exact, concrete (10-consist)_______________ of 50% gravel, 25% svà, 15% cement and 10% water. All four materials are blended together in a rotating machine called a concrete mixer.

Những bài tập 4

Chuyển đông đảo câu dữ thế chủ động lịch sự câu bị động

When will you vày the work?How are you going to lớn khuyến mãi with this problem?How bởi vì you spkết thúc this amount of money?I wonder whether the board of directors will choose Susan or Jane for the position.How did the police find the lost man?

các bài tập luyện 5

Chuyển các câu sau quý phái thể tiêu cực.

The waiter brings me this dish.Our friends sover these postcards to lớn us.Their grandmother told them this story when they visited her last week.Tyên ổn ordered this train ticket for his mother.She showed her ticket to lớn the airline agent.Jyên ổn baked this cake yesterday.They are going to buy a new apartment next year.The siêu thị assistant handed these boxes to lớn the customer.The board awarded the first prize to the reporter.Have you sent the Christmas cards lớn your family?The committee appointed Alice secretary for the meeting.Tom will give sầu Anmãng cầu a ride to lớn school tomorrow.They keep this room tidy all the time.We gave Ann some bananas and some flowers.They moved the fridge inlớn the living room.

những bài tập 6

Chuyển những thắc mắc dạng hòn đảo Yes/No quý phái câu bị động

Do they teach English here?Will you invite her khổng lồ your wedding party?Has Tom finished the work?Did the teacher give some exercises?Have sầu they changed the window of the laboratory?Is she going to write a poem?Is she making big cakes for the party?Are the police making inquires about the thief?Must we finish the chạy thử before ten?Will buses bring the children home?Have sầu you finished your homework?

các bài tập luyện 7

Chuyển những thắc mắc bắt đầu bởi trường đoản cú hỏi “H/WH” sau sang trọng câu bị động

Why didn’t they help him?How many games has the team played?Where bởi vì people speak English?Who are they keeping in the kitchen?How can they open this safe?What books are people reading this year?How did the police find the lost man?Who look after the children for you?How long have they waited for the doctor?What time can the boys hand in their papers?Who lend you this book?How many marks does the teacher give sầu you?

các bài luyện tập 8

Chuyển câu bao gồm 2 công ty ngữ lịch sự câu bị động

They paid me a lot of money khổng lồ do the job.The teacher gave each of us two exercise books.Someone will tell hyên ổn that news.They have sent enough money to those poor boys.They have given the women in most countries in the world the right khổng lồ vote.

các bài luyện tập 9

Chuyển các câu với hễ từ tường thuật sau quý phái câu bị động

They think that he has died a natural death.Some people believe sầu that 13 is an unlucky number.They say that John is the brighdemo student in class.They reported that the President had suffered a heart attack.I knew that they had told hlặng of the meeting.They declared that she won the competition.They rumored the man was still living.People think that Jaông xã London’s life và writing’s represent the American love of adventure.They reported that the troops were coming.People believed that the earth stood still.

Bài tập 10

Chuyển các câu với hễ trường đoản cú chỉ thừa nhận thức sau sang câu bị động

I have sầu heard her sing this tuy vậy several times.People saw him steal your oto.The teacher is watching the work.He won’t let you vì that silly thing again.People don’t make the children work hard.They made hyên work all day.The detective saw the woman putting the jewelry in her bag.The terrorists made the hostages lie down.Police advise drivers to use an alternative route.She helps me to bởi all these difficult exercises.

Những bài tập 11

Chọn đáp án đúng

An old woman feeds the pigeons.

The pigeons ____________

A. are fed

B. were fed by an old woman.

A burglar broke the window.

The window _________

A. was broken

B. is broken by a burglar.

Someone has made a mistake.

A mistake ___________

A. was made

B. has been made .

Everyone is going to lớn love her.

She _________________

A. is going khổng lồ be loved

B. was going to lớn be loved by everyone.

Cervantes wrote ‘Don Quixote’.

‘Don Quixote’ ___________

A. was written by Cervantes.

B. has been written by Cervantes.

She is helping my sister.

My sister ____

A. is helped

B. is being helped by her.

Pamela will drive the bus.

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The bus ________

A. will been driven

B. will be driven by Pamela.

I was watering the plants.

The plants _______

A. were being watered

B. are being watered by me.

những bài tập 12

Sắp xếp từ bỏ thành câu trả chỉnh

has / The / door / opened. / beenon / is / grass / the / prohibited. / WalkingBreakfast / is / at / served / 8.30.spoken / in / English / is / shop. / thatwere / flowers / The / this / morning. / wateredmeat / been / your / The / has / cat! / stolen / byis / being / Your / hair / brushed.if / they / naughty. / will / be / children / punished / The / areyet. / not / oto / Your / repaired / isbecause / cake / happy / awful / eaten! / been / am / has / I / that

Những bài tập 13

Five suspects (A) have sầu be (B) arrested (C) by the (D) police.He was ordered (A) by the (B) doctor to (C) take an (D) long rest.A (A) dancing class (B) was start (C) last week (D).He were found (A) in the (B) forest by (C) the (D) police.A (A) car is (B) going lớn been (C) bought (D) tomorrow.These drugs are (A) be (B) destroyed (C) by police (D).I’m from (A) Russia & (B) my family born (C) there (D).

các bài tập luyện 14

1. My room _________________________ in the house by her now.

A. is being cleaned

B. are being cleaned

C. will be cleaned

D. would be cleaned

2. Tom ___________________________ by Mary since 10 o’cloông xã.

A. has operated

B. have sầu been operated

C. has been operated

D. All are wrong.

3. Someone __________________ khổng lồ take his place.

A. must be find

B. might be find

C. should be finds

D. must be found

4. 20 demonstrators ________________________ by the police.

A. was arrested

B. were arrested

C. was arresting

D. A & B

5. That book ______________________ by Tom yesterday.

A. were bought

B. bought

C. A & B

D. was bought

6. Much of the đô thị ______________________ by fire in the 17th century.

A. was destroyed

B. is destroyed

C. are destroyed

D. were destroyed

7. Work _________________________ by the teacher.

A. are being watched

B. was being watched

C. is being watched

D. B & C

8. My house __________________ red & xanh.

A. are painted

B. is painted

C. was painted

D. All are wrong.

9. The grain _________________ to lớn the factory, where it _______________ và ____________________.

A. are taken / cleaned / is checked

B. is taken / is cleaned / is checked

C. was taken / was cleaned / was checked

D. is taken / is cleaned / checked

10. Jag Niwas _______________________ by Prince Maharamãng cầu Jagat Singh II.

A. were built

B. are built

C. was built

D. is built

11. The wall _______________________ before you paint it.

A. must be cleaned

B. should cleaned

C. might been cleaned

D. No answer is right

12. The Garden of Clear Ripples ___________________ by The Qing Emperor Quinlong in the middle of the 16th century.

A. designed

B. was designed

C. were designed

D. B & C

13. This computer _________________________ lớn use

A. will be continued

B. would continued

C. should continue

D. must continues

14. A lot of food _____________________ these days.

A. are thrown

B. were thrown

C. is thrown

D. was thrown

bài tập 15

Đọc đoạn vnạp năng lượng sau cùng chia rượu cồn từ bỏ trong ngoặc sinh sống dạng đúng của câu bị động

The Titanic was a huge ship. It (112. build)___________ in Liverpool, Engl&, and sank on its first trip in 1912. Today, you can visit the Titanic Museum in Missouri, USA & see what life was like for people on the Titanic. Visitors (113. greet) _____________ y people in costumes and (114. give)__________ tickets for their journey. Inside, the museum (115. decorate)____________ with things from the real Titanic passengers, like clothes, letters, và jewelry. All the items (116. keep)____________ in good conditions. You can learn about the passengers và explore the world’s most famous ship.

Đáp án

Đáp án bài bác tập 1This air ticket was ordered for Emma’s mother.Her new dress are lent to lớn her friends (by her).Seven million dollars was left khổng lồ his relatives (by him).These gifts were handed khổng lồ the customer (by the cửa hàng manager).The first prize was awarded to lớn the outstanding (by the board of directors).Have sầu the christmas cards been sent lớn her family?Ann was given some apples và some rose flowers (by us).The fridge was moved to lớn the second floor (by my father).Some cups of coffee were brought to the visitors in the kitchen (by my mother).The note wasn’t taken to lớn the assistant (by the manager).Đáp án bài xích tập 2repairedlớn typepaintedwritesentcutcarryĐáp án bài bác tập 3illustratesshowsare mixedare crushedis then mixedis groundis producedis packagedare usedconsistsĐáp án bài tập 4When will the work be done?How is this problem going khổng lồ be dealt with?How is this amount of money spent?I wonder whether Susan or Jane will be chosen for the position by the board of directors.How was the lost man found by the police?Đáp án bài tập 5This dish is brought lớn me by the waiter.These postcards are sent to us by our friends.They were told this story by their grandmother when they visited her last week.This train ticket was ordered for Tom’s mother by him.Her ticket was shown to the airline agent by her.This cake was baked by Jyên ổn yesterday.A new apartment is going to be bought next year.The customer was handed these boxes by the shop assistant.The first prize was awarded to lớn the reporter by the board.Have the Christmas cards been sent to lớn your family?Alice was appointed secretary for the meeting by the committee.Anmãng cầu will be given a ride lớn school by Tom tomorrow.This room is kept tidy all the time.Ann was given some bananas và some flowers by us.The fridge was moved into the living room.Đáp án bài tập 6Is English taught here?Will she be invited to lớn your wedding party?Has the work been finished by Tom?Were some exercises given by the teacher?Has the window of the laboratory been changed?Is a poem going khổng lồ be written?Are big cakes being made for the party?Are inquires about the thief being made by the police?Must the demo be finished before ten?Will the children be brought home page with buses?Has your homework been finished?Đáp án bài xích tập 7Why wasn’t he helped?How many games have been played by the team?Where is English spoken?Who are being kept in the kitchen?How can this be opened safe?What books are being read this year?How was the lost man found by the police?By whom are the children looked after for you?How long has the doctor been waited for?What time can their papers be handed in by the boys?By whom is this book lent?How many marks are given to lớn you by the teacher?Đáp án bài xích tập 8I was paid a lot of money to vị the job.Each of us was given two exercise books by the teacher.He will be told that news.Those poor boys have been sent enough money.The women in most countries in the world have sầu been given the right lớn vote.Đáp án bài xích tập 9He is thought to lớn have sầu died a natural death.13 is believed to be an unlucky number.John is said to be the brighthử nghiệm student in class.The President was reported to have sầu suffered a heart attaông chồng.They were known khổng lồ have told hlặng of the meeting.She was declared to win the competition.The man was rumored to be still living.Jaông xã London’s life & writing is thought lớn represent the American love of adventure.The troops were reported khổng lồ be coming.The earth was believed lớn stand still.Đáp án bài tập 10 She has been heard to lớn sing this song several times.He was seen to steal your car.The work is being watched by the teacher.You won’t be let lớn bởi vì that silly thing again.The children are made to work hard.He was made to lớn work all day.The woman was seen putting the jewelry in her bag by the detective.The hostages were made lớn lie down by the terrorists.Drivers are advised to lớn use an alternative sầu route by police.I am helped to lớn do all these difficult exercises.Đáp án bài tập 11AABAABBAĐáp án bài bác tập 12The door has been opened.Walking on the grass is prohibited.Breakfast is served at 8.30.English is spoken in that cửa hàng.The flowers were watered this morning.The meat has been stolen by your cat!Your hair is being brushed.The children will be punished if they are naughty.our car is not repaired yet.I am happy because that awful cake has been eaten!Đáp án bài bác tập 13B (be thành been)D (an thành a)C (start thành started)A (were found thành was found)C (been thành be)A (are thành will)C (born thành was born)Đáp án bài xích tập 14 ACDBDDCCDCABACĐáp án bài tập 15was builtare greetedare givenis decoratedare kept

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